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About Rozanne

Born and brought up in South Africa, living in Ireland since 1999 with a two year sojourn in Singapore, Rozanne is well travelled with a love of global cuisines and cultures. This has inspired her signature Ish Factor style of cooking and award winning cookbooks which showcases her passion for fresh produce, interesting ingredients, flavours and textures.

Rozanne is best known for her 5 year radio slot on the Today with Pat Kenny Show, RTE Radio One and continues on Newstalk today. The warm dynamic between Pat and Rozanne, the vibrant topics and wonderful food really brings the food to life for the listening audience. Rozanne’s first cookbook, Delish is a compilation of recipes from the show, with a glowing foreword and endorsement from Pat Kenny.

Ahead of its’ time, Rozanne started teaching her Green Living Wholefood cookery course in Dublin in 2004. Her popularity grew, and to date she has taught over 10 000 students, from keen amateur cooks to aspiring professional chefs. Today she teaches corporate workplace wellbeing classes, team building cookery classes and private lessons.

Rozanne has written over 350 nutrition based food columns and feature pieces. Topics cover a wide range of topical themes from seasonal health issues to foods with exceptional health benefits, ranging from widely recognised to exotic ingredients. A supporter of MeatFree Monday, Rozanne tries to spread the healthy cooking message far and wide.