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Brain Training

Brain Training – Neuroscience for High Performance

Analyse and Optimise the Brain/Body System

Neurosmart offers revolutionary peer-reviewed, scientific analysis tools that measure the key influences and drivers that affect the brain/body system. Created by a collaboration of renowned neurologists, neuroscientists and leading universities

The individualised reports generated by the tests identify important variables (or drivers) that affect the brain/body system. Enhancing and optimising these drivers for leaders and teams of any organization results is a high-performing and thriving business.

Online Psychometric Test

After completing our online self-assessment leaders receive their Individual Report with a personalized, measured indication of how well their own brain/body system is optimized for performance. High-impact recommendations and detailed graphics offer further insights and recommendations.

Once everyone in the ream has completed their assessment, the data is consolidated to create the Group Report. This report identifies collective drivers that have the highest impact on the team’s performance. Strategic tools enable coaches to guide the team towards high performance.

Brain/Body Neuroscience Performance Coaching

We provide an 8 week long, interactive online coaching programme with additional real-time coaching with a Neurosmart coach. The course is designed to help leaders and teams optimise their brain/body systems for high performance.

Over the 8 weeks, individuals are taken on a learning journey through a variety of creative media, including animated videos, podcasts and our interactive 3D model of brain performance. The key areas we work on improve and enhance the main drivers of a highly efficient brain/body system. To supplement the brain training, we provide practical cookery demonstrations of healthy recipes, Pilates classes, posture correction and breathing for relaxation.

10 Drivers of Brain Body Optimization

If you as an individual or a team leader would like to take the online test and explore coaching, please email for more information.

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