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Private Cookery Classes

Private Cookery Lessons and Cook Clubs

Having taught over 10000 students in cookery schools and culinary arts colleges, I am well used to teaching people of all different levels of skills, personalities and culinary tastes. Teaching people how to cook and seeing them succeed gives me great pleasure and satisfaction.

Cook and Freeze or Cook and Entertain Private Lessons

These classes are very popular as a private cookery lesson in your own home. The lessons fall into two basic categories: freezer fillers and dinner party entertaining.

For both, you design the menu of recipes, then we spend the day in the comfort of your own kitchen cooking up a storm. We can prepare an array of perfectly prepared and packaged meals for the freezer, ideal for busy families, harried executives and expectant moms. Healthy, nutritious, comforting and cost effective.

Or we can spend the day preparing a gourmet meal for your friends and family, before I disappear like a food fairy. You learn the recipes, have expert tuition and guidance, plus half the stress and labour. And no one need ever know that you had help.

Cook Clubs

Cook Clubs are like book clubs, but possibly with more wine! My longest running Cook Club has been going for 5 years and is still a source of joy and camaraderie. A Cook Club is a dedicated, scheduled reason to meet up with a group of friends that you may not otherwise get to see.

I make your part very easy to organise, simply gather a group of friends, decide on who will host the Cook Club and I take care of the rest. The longer running clubs book their dates well in advance as schedules are so busy. You may also take turns to host.

I design the menu for the evening, source the best ingredients and tools, and bring everything to your home. All you need to do is provide the wine and drinks, and set the table. I prepare and demonstrate how the recipes are prepared, in between chatting, laughter and catching up. It is very relaxed and you can listen, learn and take notes. Or just relax and enjoy.

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