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Workplace Wellbeing Cookery Classes

Lunch ‘n Learn Cookery Classes –Eat Well @ Work Cookbook Series

In todays’ busy office environments it can be awkward to arrange for a group of staff to leave the premises to take part in wellbeing activities.

So we have created fully mobile cookery demonstrations that can be delivered in the comfort of your own office.

The cookery demonstration takes approximately an hour and a half and includes:

  • Choose from a menu of cookery class themes, for example: Substantial Salads, Make Ahead Breakfasts, Protein Pots.
  • An expert knife skills and cooking techniques demonstration.
  • A demonstration of a large variety of recipes from Rozanne’s new cookbook: Eat Well at Work.
  • Easy Meal Prep Plans, essential kitchen equipment, staple ingredients and how to store, transport and reheat your meals.
  • Delicious tasting of all the recipes demonstrated. 

Hands on Team building Cookery Classes

This is a very popular cookery class to promote healthy eating and foster Workplace Wellbeing in a company. Food brings people together. And the act of cooking together, working together and ultimately producing a delicious meal, is a fun and effective way to learn about and enjoy healthy cooking. The class takes approximately three hours and includes:

  • Bespoke classes ranging in size from 6 to 24 people and tailor-made menus for special dietary needs and allergies.
  • Choose from a menu of cookery class themes, for example: Quick Weeknight Meals, Wholesome Baking, Portable Lunches, Stir-Fries and many more.
  • An expert knife skills and cooking techniques demonstration
  • An hour and a half of hands on cooking in our professional kitchen in groups and teams, supervised and taught by our tutors.
  • A convivial, sit down meal, buffet style, of all the gorgeous dishes that the teams have created.
  • ‘The Golden Spoon’ prize giving for the best and worst of the cooks, gag gifts and fun.

Please email for the brochure of classes and to request a quote.

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